Anonymous asked:
I was in a serious relationship (so i thought) for 13 months. I just found out hes been cheating on me for awhile now. Any songs, movies, or things to help me get over him?

I’m sorry that really really sucks. Give yourself a chance to be sad and to be hurt but don’t stay in that funk for long or it will eat you alive. I speak from experience. :) Try to hang in there. I promise it gets better. Best thing I never had by Beyonce is my all time favorite. Today my life begins by bruno mars is FANTASTIC. If you are looking more for the anger side of things Undo it by Carrie Underwood, Survivor by Destinies Child, I have tons more, just let me know what kind of stuff you like.


It’s not because I’m scared to fall in love again, not at all. It’s letting someone love me. The last time someone said they loved me, he snatched his heart back so fast, I didn’t even have time to loosen my grip.

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